Families & Friends of JJN

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Families and Friends of JJ Nearing is a group of parent volunteers that raises funds to support
the initiatives and activities of the students at JJ Nearing. We value parent and school staff
feedback to determine the direction of our fundraising efforts and to identify key areas where
funds raised can benefit the students and enrich the school community.

2023/24 Executive Board:
President            Kaitlyn Boyko
Vice-President     Ashley Reichert
Treasurer            Daniela Iacovone
Secretary            Beinta Hansen-Wong

2023/24 Directors At Large:
Hot Lunch           Carly Haynes

We are always seeking input on our past and current fundraisers and encourage parents to
share new and creative ways to raise money for our school. We would love to meet you and
hear your ideas. If you would like to provide feedback or volunteer with us, please email friendsofjjn@gmail.com or hotlunchjjn@gmail.com for hot lunch inquiries or volunteer information.

Become a Member!

All parents/legal guardians of students enrolled in the school are encouraged to become members of the Families and Friends of JJ Nearing Catholic Elementary School Society. Other interested persons may become Community Members or Associate Members, subject to vested interest and bylaws, as approved by the Association. The majority of members of the Association will be parents/legal guardians. There are no membership fees and the membership form must be completed annually. 

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Families & Friends of JJ Nearing Bylaws

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