Kindergarten Registration Opens! Welcome to our newest students!

Come to Our Kindergarten Open House on February 2nd at 6:30 pm!

Come to Our Kindergarten Open House on February 2nd at 6:30 pm!

Excellence in Learning Through Faith, Relationships, and Engagement!

Father Ignacy enjoys questions from the students!

Father Ignacy enjoys questions from the students!

J.J. Nearing students (from kindergarten to grade six) are really enjoying Father Ignacy's visits to their classrooms.  Their questions demonstrated a curiosity about their priest and various aspects of our faith.  They were very engaged by Father's openness, deep knowledge of our Catholic faith, and his gentle sense of humour.  The students kept  him on his toes with their wide ranging questions, and it was a pleasure to see him ably and openly answer each and every question.  We love having Father visit!



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Mr. Colin Loiselle, our Religious Education Consultant, gathered the students in the gym to explain why we burn ashes for Lent and that Lent is a time to “reboot” our faith and to focus on following Jesus’ message of Love and Mercy.

Rabbit Hill ski day!

The grades 1-6 students and staff enjoyed skiing, snowboarding and celebrating a successful day on the hill with each other!

Awesome Wrestling Tournament

Our team of 52 wrestlers hosted and competed in a tournament at J.J. Nearing.  The wrestlers were excited to compete and had a large home crowd to cheer them on.  Thank you to our wonderful coaches for putting on this wonderful event!!


Creative Cardboard Architects!

We were amazed by the creativity and ingenuity of our students across all the grades as we held our Cardboard Mania Showcase today.  Our students were very engaged in creating their projects over the last two days.  They realized all the fun you can…

Advent Celebration picture gallery!

Dear Santa!

Our 6C students had a wonderful afternoon helping our kindergarten students write their letters to Santa.

St. Therese de Lisieux presentation

Our students gave a 5 star review to Maureen Rooney's presentation on the life of our patron saint, St. Therese de Lisieux.  Several students were impressed by St. Therese's message of doing little things with great love. Just doing the small things…

Gorgeous Christmas Tree!

Our students created beautiful star decorations for our tree.  We chose Stars in solidarity with the Philippines. As our district is raising funds this year to build a school in Tacloban, Philippines, we wanted to keep them front of mind.  The Filipino…

Christmas Angels

We were blessed with a heavenly performance by our Grade 1, 3 & 5 students along with the J.J. Nearing Senior Choir. Parents and staff have been raving about our talented performers. Thank you to Mrs. Irene Szmihelsky for her extraordinary talent, patience…

Advent Celebration

Today, our grade three students hosted a lovely Advent Celebration filled with song and prayers. Thank you to Father Ignacy for leading us in the Celebration. Please see the photo gallery below!

Hour of Code!

This week, grade 6 students participated in's Hour of Code event. Students began to understand some computer code and got to make games and solve problems. Coding is being identified as one of the new literacies for the 21st Century. Code runs…

Stand up PINK Dance Party

The staff and students spent the week learning how to be UPstanders and not BYstanders to bullying. We created a great Speak-out post-it wall that the students filled with notes of positivity and kindness.

Remembrance Day

On Tuesday, November 10th our school community gathered to remember the service and sacrifice of our Canadian soldiers. It was so nice to see so many family members in attendance. Thank you to all of our students who dressed in uniform and assisted with…

Makerspace Exploration!

Our new Library Commons is focusing on reading and learning.  Learning through problem solving our way through all kinds of challenges.  Challenges in the area of creativity, building, technology and coding to name a few!  Our students are excited…

Halloween Dance Fun!!

Our students and their families had a "Spooktacular" time at the JJN Annual Halloween Dance!

Father Ignacy visits the school!

J.J. Nearing students (from kindergarten to grade six) are really enjoying Father Ignacy's visits to their classrooms.  Their questions demonstrated a curiosity about their priest and various aspects of our faith.  They were very engaged by Father's…

Amazing Thanksgiving Spirit!

Thank you to all our families who were so generous in their support of the St. Vincent de Paul food bank drive!  Our school donated an incredible 394 bags of food and toiletries! JJN is a truly giving community! Val Merchant from our St. Albert Parish…

Terry Fox Run!

All 460 of our students took part in the 75th anniversary of Terry Fox's run.  We filled a huge glass jar with out silver collection.  We raised 892.00 for this very worthy cause. Thank you!!  Many of our students ran the full 5km run!

JJN Cross Country Runners!

Our cross country runners did very well at the St. Albert District run. Congratulations go out to all runners for their great effort!

J.J. Nearing is Growing!!

We were thrilled to see that giant crane lift our beautiful new portable into its place. Mrs. Lema's class is anxiously awaiting for moving day!

Opening School Celebration and Blessing of the Gr. 4 Bibles

We were pleased to have Father Ignacy come to the school to celebrate our Opening Liturgy with our students.  It is always a moving moment to see our grade four student receive their bibles.  The celebration ended with all our students dancing to our…

A Great Start to the Year!

Our students are settling in well to the school routines.  Recess time and seeing all their friends have been to easiest ones to return to!! In our Welcome Back week, the students were given a Surprise Recess with bottles of bubble solution.  Click…