JJN Track & Field Day

Our grade 4, 5, & 6 students had a spectacular day at Fowler Track on May 22nd, for our annual J.J. Nearing Track and Field Day..  The weather was beautiful, the students were well behaved and were excellent sports cheering each other on.  Thank you to our parent volunteers for coming out to help us run this day.
The top three boys and girls for each grade for each event, will advance to the district meet on June 9th

Kindergarten registrations for 2015-2016 now available!

Our kindergarten students are so excited about our new baby chicks!
We have 10/12 chicks that have hatched so far (this might be it though, there doesn't seem to be much action from the last two eggs). The children are so excited and engaged! We have students creating videos about the chicks, some making books, others keeping track of the events in journals, some are creating and decorating a chick house out of blocks and many more creations! It's beautiful to see each child using their talents and strengths to learn about and enjoy our chicks! See the video below that was created by one of our Kindergarten students.

If your child is of kindergarten age (turning 5 by March 1, 2016) then come join our JJN family! Registration packages are available in the school office.

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JJN Track and Field!

Our grade 4, 5, & 6 students had a spectacular day at Fowler Track on May 22nd, for our annual J.J. Nearing Track and Field Day..  The weather was beautiful, the students were well behaved and were excellent sports cheering each other on.  Thank you…

Run Wild!

Congratulations to all of our runners who participated in the Run Wild event this past weekend. All of the students trained hard for the past several weeks and made our school proud! There were 10 students that completed the Marafun 1.6km event, 15 students…

Gold Standard at Rotary Festival!

Our school participated in the Rotary Music Festival.  We were very proud that our senior choir received a Gold standing and were awarded the Chairman's Choice award for choral singing.   Congratulations also to our grade four student, Cayenna, who…

Spring Has Sprung!

Our boys are jumping for joy with the warm weather!

A visit from Archbishop Smith

This morning at J.J. Nearing School, Archbishop Smith spent time with both students and staff. He prayed with the entire school in the school assembly and then spoke to all classes as they visited him in turns in the library. His approachable, friendly,…

MacAirs are great!

Our classes are really enjoying the opportunity to use our new MacAirs.  Programs like Word Q, Padlet, Kahoot.it... are just some of the applications that our students are finding very useful and engaging.  Thank you to our School Council!

Like, Totally Awesome

Mr. McDougall’s class traveled back in time to the days of totally tubular leg warmers and righteous hair. The punks, jocks, mods, head bangers and valley girls had a gnarly day, and want to remind you to “don’t worry, be happy”!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

May your Joys be as deep as the Oceans, Your Troubles as light as the foam, And may you find sweet Peace of mind Wherever you may roam.

Our Creative, Talented Kinders!

This month the Full-Time Kinders have been interested in sewing.  With all sorts of fabrics and sewing notions from home, the boys and girls have been using needle and thread to design and create their projects.  They were inspired by a classmate who…

Journal Games semi-finals!

We are so proud of how everyone ran yesterday morning and for the parents to come out and support their child.  It was unfortunate that we didn't make it to the next 2 rounds but they all ran well and showed great pride in support of their team mates! …

Kindergarten Reporter Video!

Our kindergarten students are inspired by a wide variety of stimuli. One little girl has decided she would like to be the class reporter.  She has learned how to videotape and is taping various students while they create interesting projects. She has…

The Big Crunch!

Tomorrow, our students are participating in THE BIG CRUNCH where organizations and schools across Canada focus on healthy snacking by bringing an apple and recording the whole school taking a great big bite of their apples!!

A fun day in Kindergarten!

The kindergarten students enjoyed a hands on learning experience at Save-On Foods where they learned about healthy food choices and the different food groups.  The students toured the store exploring many areas that they hadn't seen before - even the…

Alberta Opera Was Great Fun!

The Alberta Opera performed a modern version of the play, Rumpelstilskin at our school today.   As is their custom, the troupe had a dozen or so of our students participating in the play which increased the interest from our audience.  The students…